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Questions and Answers

Q. How much money will be needed to start a Paradise Donut Shop?

A. On average a Paradise shop will cost approximately $25,000 to $35,000 to open. It is one of the best business choices for an individual or couple who have saved around $15,000 to start a business. The cost to open a store can be greatly affected by the amount of remodeling of the desired location that has been chosen to place a donut shop.

Q. Is finding employee's a problem for donut shops?

A. It is the largest obstacle for almost all business owners. however,Paradise Store owners have found that when they spend a sufficient amount of time properly training their employees they have increased their longevity of employment. We have also found with proper incentives and direction, it is easier to create a dedicated and loyal employee. The most important thing is for the owner to set the best example.

Q. How much money can I make in the Donut Business?

A. This, of course, is one of the most common questions we hear. The most given answer is that it depends on your dedication to always serving quality product and giving quality service.

Paradise stores in towns of 6,000 or more have had the best results, however in smaller towns who have a large community to draw from or have high traffic counts they have been equally successful.

In the donut business, success is usually in direct correlation to time spent and effort given.

Q. Will Paradise products be more cost effective than other products I can buy in the market place?

A. In any industry there will always be someone less expensive or someone that will offer their product for a higher premium. The price of almost all products is based upon the cost of ingredients that are involved in the creating of that product. Paradise as a company will not sell an inferior or lower quality product to try to compete with a lower price of inferior products.

We realize quality ingredients equals quality products and long after the sale the customer will be less concerned with a few cents saved and more about the quality of products that was provided. Paradise flour is designed to provide a higher yield than most of our competitors to produce a good profit margin for our shop owners.

Q. How do I know the best location to place my shop in town?

A. Paradise sales representatives have all previously been shop owners. They bring a lot of knowledge with them when they first come to look at the location that you have chosen. They will assist you in determining the success of the location.

Q. How do I create a floor plan?

A. Once the building is approved your Paradise representative will assist you in taking the measurements and setting the layout for your building. Paradise will create a floor plan for you at no cost. The plan will be created with efficiency including your plumbing, carpentry, and electrical needs in mind. However, we always suggest the owner be advised of the local building codes before following the plans given to them.

Q. Does Paradise charge for the delivery of supplies?

A. No, all Paradise products are delivered free of charge, however on some occasions when the order has been under the agreed upon amount consistently, to offset freight charges a nominal fee of 10 % has been added, this is the exception, not the rule. In most cases there is a 20 % savings over many of our competitors.

Q. When do I take delivery of my equipment?

A. When it has been determined that your building is ready for the installation of equipment your Paradise representative will assist in making arrangements with you for the delivery of equipment to your store.

Q. Do I purchase all needed equipment from Paradise?

A. Paradise Donuts spends a great deal of time in finding equipment for future stores. In most cases Paradise Donuts will have the equipment needed, if not we will help you find it.

Q. Are the Paradise representatives qualified to help or train me?

A. All of the representatives of the company have either been successful owners of donut shops or have been trained to be productive in assisting you. They speak from experience to answer all of your questions.

Q. What and how much training does Paradise Donuts provide?

A. The training at your shop will begin after your equipment is installed and you have received all licenses and permits to open your Paradise shop by state and local officials. Your representative will provide 2-3 days of training for you and your staff.

Q. What is it that makes the Paradise Donut company a better choice for you over another company?

A. As a company with almost 40 years of experience we have created a name in the industry synonymous with quality. We are determined to give you everything we can to make you successful, because as a licensee your success is important to our success.

Q. What is the protected territory that Paradise offers?

A. Your protected territory is a guaranty that there will be no other Paradise licensees located within 3 miles of your shop location. On rare occasions an existing ship owner has been able to place a shop within the 3 mile radius. This must first be approved by Paradise Donuts Inc. and the nearest shop to your proposed location. A Paradise Shop owner is part of a family and as family we word together for the greater good, not our own agendas.

Q. Does Paradise provide signage?

A. No, however since Paradise Donuts is a registered and copyrighted trademark you will need to submit the graphics of your signage for approval prior to ordering.

As an authorized Paradise Shop owner you may use the name "Paradise Donuts" on all advertising, printed material or signage that has been approved.

Q. What equipment if any will you need to place in your store not supplied by Paradise?

A. Paradise Donuts does not sell items such as cash registers, counters and shelving refrigerators, office supplies etc.. This is the responsibility of the store owner but your Paradise representative will help make a list based upon your needs.

Q. Why is the Paradise name so important when starting my donut shop?

A. Brands comfort and assure customers by providing reliable, well known quality products and services. When your customers see a familiar name such as Paradise Donuts it sends a clear message that their expectations will be met. They will feel confident in the consistency of their experience.

As a Paradise shop owner, you will have the opportunity to receive the benefits that are earned through the consistency of our business practices in servicing our customers every day.

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