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Img10.jpgWayne Herron, Co-Owner
71st and Elm in Broken Arrow

Wayne wrote....

For the past nine years, my sister and I have owned a wholesale printing business. Today, we own and operate a Paradise donut shop. Making the switch from operating a roll press to a rolling pin was difficult to say the least.

Neither of us had ever made a donut, nor had we ever seen one made. We had no idea what equipment would be needed or where to get it. No idea of how to set up a kitchen even if we had the equipment. All we were sure of was that we did indeed want to get into the donut business.

After research, we realized it would take a reasonable investment, money we were able to obtain, and offered a solid chance of good return. In our case, we made money the very first month. And, after our first six months, we had already surpassed where we thought it would take us two years to reach.

The folks at Paradise donuts made our shop and success possible! They helped us every step of the way to getting the store open. Once we found a potential location, they stepped in and gave us their honest opinion of build out cost, how to set up the kitchen, and what the volume of monthly business might be.

They helped us acquire our equipment. Most of which we bought used at very good prices. What we couldn't find used they directed us to suppliers who could meet our needs.

The folks at Paradise donuts taught us to make donuts, how to display them; and at what price to sell them.

Now we have the highest volume donut shop in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. With at least eight other competitors, not counting supermarkets, to be where we're at today is a testimony to the professionalism of the folks at Paradise Donuts. They know what they're doing and how to show others how to do it too!

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