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Congratulations to the new store owners that have just opened!

We look forward to your success, and a long lasting relationship.

Paradise Donuts


 Paradise Donuts is currently developing business in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and now Texas!

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 Thinking of starting a donut shop? 
Consider Paradise Donuts

        Why do people think our donuts are the best - read below...

     A great donut must begin with a great donut mix. We all know that all donuts are not equal in taste or quality. The mix that makes the donuts has to be rich with sugar, shortening and quality ingredients. These are the first items that are cut to create a cheaper mix by the flour blenders that produce them. A Paradise donut is a donut above all others in quality and taste. The donuts that claim to the best in taste will sometimes leave you puzzled by what the hype was about, this is not the case with a Paradise Donut.


The Company that distributes and blends the flour for Paradise Donuts was started by three men that had been in the donut business for many years. They realized that the problem with the industry was that no one really gave great service and the products were all about the same. The product for Paradise was blended to be as light and fluffy as air with an incredible shelf life. The glaze had to be sweet and rich so quality was never something that was cheated because of the cost of ingredients.


Paradise Donut mix supplies you with a mix that is unlike any other that we have sampled. The mix will remain flexible and easy to roll on the first, second, third, and even a fourth cut because of the way it is formulated. If you are accustomed to tough bread like donut mixes it will take some getting used to how light and fluffy this mix is. This lightness will result in a greater production per pound of product that will ultimately result in higher profits for you and your store.


Donut store suppliers are such a specialty that you can search all day on the internet and only find a few companies that provide a similar service. What is great about this company is you donít have to deal with ten different companies. You can do all of your ordering and receiving from one supplier, this gives less hassle for you and more time to enjoy life.


Paradise Donuts provides donut shop supplies and donut equipment. We specialize in this unlike our competitors that make everything from bread mix to chicken breading. Donut business supplies and Donut supplies have been our specialty since 1967. If you are entering into the market of Donut Franchises or considering Donut Businesses then take a good look at Paradise Donuts.


Paradise Donuts does not charge a license fee or a franchise fee like others in the donut business. This makes you an additional 5 to 7 % of your gross sales more in profit then our competitors can. The donut business is a well proven idea and a good money maker, so this percentage in your pocket allows for an even greater success for you to enjoy. Paradise Donuts is a donut franchise that has one common goal in providing you with the best tools to succeed. Paradise donuts will teach you about donuts and how to compete with any other donut shops that may currently exist in your town. Paradise Donuts is located outside Tulsa, Oklahoma and sells donut supplies to its franchises as well as donut shop supplies to the independent store owners through it distribution company Omni Distributing.




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