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The Past;


The story of The Paradise Donut company goes back to before the depression. This was even before it was called Paradise Donuts. The recipe existed and was traded for an apple orchard outside of Marshall, Missouri.

The company started with very meek roots providing local shops and cafes with product. We know by the late 50ís early 60ís the companies name had been being used but was not officially registered until 1967. Several owners of the company transpired over the years but the quality always stayed the same. In the 70ís a graduate of the Chicago Bakers School purchased the company. This mans name was Robert Kent Hoskins. The company was moved to Sedalia and a large blending facility was built. The company expanded into Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The company had a small fleet of trucks that ran weekly deliveries.


The Present


In 2001, a young entrepreneur from Tulsa, Oklahoma purchased the company and moved the headquarters to Catoosa, Oklahoma. He set out to create a new level of excellence to the company. He put together a team with over 100 years experience collectively in the donut industry. In looking to improve the marketing and distribution, he contracted with a company called Omni Distributing  for exclusive distribution rights. Omni had already established themselves in the marketplace as a distributor, with quality products for individually owned donut shops. The company was developed to give the benefits of support without the cost of franchise fees. The company has had phenomenal growth with great things planed for the future


The Future;


With new stores opening, Paradise Donuts is continuing to increase its presence in the donut industry. Paradise Donuts are all independent donut shop owners with no company stores. It currently is in four states and opening into Texas in January 2005. In 2006 the company has plans to expand into Louisana and New Mexico with Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois to follow. The company plans to open another 600 stores over the next decade. The company only sees the donut industry becoming stronger. The product is proven and the service of the company is unbeatable.


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