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Why should you choose Paradise Donuts over the other Donut Franchises?


The Paradise Donut Corporation has created a program that blends the expertise of the company with a proven concept and the best tasting product in the industry to make an unbeatable program for your success.

The United States Department of Commerce has stated that franchising “helps small businesses compete against the giants”. Franchising is so successful because it improves the odds of your success as a small business owner. The estimates of a small business owner’s failure rate in a new non-franchised business are around 60 to 90%. This is not so for the franchised business sector that boasts a 95% success rate. This means that less than 5% of all franchised outlets close and that many of those 5% do so for reasons other than business failure.

The problem with franchises though, is the extremely high up front fees that you pay to acquire the company’s support as well as the Royalties that come from your total sales that range from 4-7% that you will have to pay monthly. The franchises also usually require you to pay around 3% for national advertising campaigns that you may or may not receive any benefit from.

Paradise Donuts has No franchise fees as well as No monthly royalty fees ever. Every Paradise Donut is privately owned and operated free of the harsh rules and regulations of most franchises. We do ask you to become a licensed store owner and purchase Paradise Products exclusively for your donut production to keep a consistency in the quality of product. This allows you to be part of a large purchasing group that keeps your supplies cost down to one of the lowest in the industry. We also provide you with help with site evaluation, store set up, hands-on training, the Paradise Donut Training Manual that provides you with training support as well as an invaluable tool in employee training, training video and a close ongoing support network. Our staff will also assist you in ideas for advertising and promotions that are budget conscious. We do not charge for the delivery of our products to our stores in our free delivery areas, if a charge is required at first we will discontinue the reimbursement of cost of delivery as soon as more stores are placed in the surrounding areas. Our delivery staff delivers the products to your store free of charge and rotates the stock as well as marks the existing inventory to be used first.

 The question that most people ask is where does Paradise Donuts Corporation make their money if they don’t charge the fees that other franchises do? We are able to do this because like many discount wholesale chains we operate on a low percentage of profit on the items we sell you and sell in volume because the amount of stores we supply to. 

Paradise Donuts offers you all the positives without the negatives and that’s why you should consider a Paradise Donut shop for your own.


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